Friday, February 27, 2009

What if the Satanists were in the White House?

Do you think “Big Dick” Cheney cares about the safety of your nephew? Why didn’t he make a move to help the first responders of 9/11 who are dying from toxic dust? Instead, he sent thousands of military men to their death to SACRIFICE, while genociding over a MILLION Iraqis that posed no threat.

Do you think that George W Bush is a Christian? He LAUGHED when the evangelists left the White House, after telling them this and that, promising he would fight for Christ.

Do you think he was thinking of Jesus in the coffin at Skull & Bones? Do you think they ponder the implications of their mock human sacrifice of CARE at the Bohemian Grove, where the ultra wealthy and influential men of politics gather for their all-male brew-ha?

Now Obama is in, so it doesn’t matter, yes? Bush and Cheney are off on their exotic cruise to neverland, and it’s all better now, because the internationalist socialists will heal the wounds. Did you ever wonder why the mainstream media backed Obama like the golden ticket to Will Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the greatest thing ever since sliced bread… the same media that sold you the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq? Anti-war? Obama is sending 17,000 men to Afghanistan because the dead bin Laden magic wanded building seven.

The bankers are in charge, and they own the media that backs our “change”. Obama is the healing salve that they offer you to prolong their torture.

They and those whom they serve want blood, and they suck your crystallized power (money) in an elaborate scheme of deception. They tell you this and that on the news, every single day. Like ten thousand magic users casting their charm spells, over, and over again, until you recoil.

They keep framing the conversation, and there is no way that this war and pumping $8 million dollars every day to Israel to conduct a prolonged cobra constriction and venom injection of Palestine has anything to do with your safety, but we don’t talk about that.


Anonymous said...

Obama is a NWO puppet, the Americans were duped by the controlled MSM who manipulated the sheeple into who to vote for and made them believe the choice was all theres. Obama is a Marxists (oh what a surprise) who is only there to re-arrange the deck chairs on the titanic eg useless. Wouldn't surprise me if Obama was a Satanist these people have no morals what-so-ever. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Afshin Rattansi and Daniel Estulin
on Bilderberg 2009